With 30 years of recording and production experience, Dusk Bennett knew exactly why Mogami Cable was his first choice when he built dBu Ranch Recorders in San Diego, California.  Discover for yourself why Mogami truly is the cable of the pros! He’s wired with Mogami, are you?

After three decades of working in (and on) almost every pro audio installation imaginable, Mogami has repeatedly demonstrated why it’s been my preferred cable of choice since the 90’s. When I work with competitors cabling, I find myself complaining about the sound, the experience, or both. With Mogami, this isn’t the case, it opens and terminates easily, and the lie is as good as it gets. It’s an installers dream.

Mogami checks all the boxes for me so when it came time to commission my new studio in San Diego, dBu Ranch Recorders, I selected Mogami multi-pair as my main transmission line. 

Being the only studio in San Diego with a vintage 80 series Neve, Studer A827, and a giant selection of classic hardware, I knew we couldn’t cheap out on the cable. Especially with a tape-based workflow where bussing isn’t internal to a CPU. Even an eq/compressor/machine patch can add 75-100’ of analog cable. To build a path for hardware of that pedigree I needed interconnections that were reliable, easy to reconfigure, and most importantly, sounded clear. 

Unlike other brands that impose ‘flavor’ on longer runs, Mogami is just clean and transparent, it retains the musicality of my hardware without smearing transients or messing with the frequency response. It’s a window to my sound. 

I built dBu Ranch near Palomar Mountain to be an affordable escape from LA and an alternative to high end resort style recording studios, but without all the nonsense and hassles that come with working in congested and expensive metropolitan areas. 

The locals love it, and I tell skeptical commuters it may be a drive to get here but the rewards are rich. The air is clear, lodging and home brew are offered onsite, and you can see the stars at night. It’s a refreshing retreat from the ‘busyness’ of city life. We constantly hear from our artists how a day out here is a reinvigorating experience. I’m grateful to be a part of that creative relief for so many. 

Obviously, Mogami has become afundamental component in that process and I’m looking forward to using it to create many hit records on this hilltop as well as making a positive contribution to San Diego’s pop culture scene. 

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Dusk Bennett
dBU Ranch Recording Services

San Diego, Ca


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