Mogami Artist Sydney Ellen endorses Mogami Cable.

Mogami artist Sydney Ellen is a southern California-based rocker trained by the famous guitarist for Michael Jackson, Jennifer Batten. Sydney is a working musician who regularly gigs as a lead guitarist, songwriter, and composer, and she recently stepped into Studio 637 in Hermosa Beach, Calif., to talk about the Mogami Overdrive Cable for electric guitars. As you can see in the video, she’s a big fan of the cable and when you look closer at the technology, it’s no wonder as to why.

I love that the Overdrive cables just kick you in the face! It feels like there’s nothing in-between the guitar and the amp.” — Sydney Ellen

The Mogami Overdrive Cable has become a standout favorite for electric guitarists of all kinds of musical styles. Modeled after the Mogami Platinum Cable, the Overdrive Cable is designed to deliver the same amazing sound performance as Platinum, but with a bit more physical flexibility to stand up to the harsh realities of consistent stage use and active touring.

Mogami Overdrive instrument cable is manufactured to create the quietest sound floor possible for electric guitarists, and it accomplishes this through a few different ways:

First, the central conductor is sourced from virgin, oxygen-free copper to ensure the purest signal transfer down the cable.

A second big factor is the double layering of insulation. Conductive PVC encases the copper core, while a cellular polyethylene layer further insulates the core, which helps to eliminate any handling noise while the cable is in use.

The third factor that helps create such a low noise floor for Overdrive is the final layering of ultra-high-density copper shielding that sits just inside the cable’s exterior. This shielding layer prevents any electromagnetic interference (EMI) from penetrating into the copper core where the signal is traveling. This is especially important since instrument cables, especially when on stage, typically traverse across large areas where other equipment might be emitting EMI interference.

The end result is a durable, high-quality instrument cable that really makes a difference in the overall tone and dynamics of an electric guitar.

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